Employment Law


Labor and Employment law refers to the area of law impacting the employment relationship for unionized and non-unionized employees. Labor law refers to the legal regulations for unionized employees while employment law governs the employment law for non-unionized employees. Its wide-ranging responsibilities and areas contained within, offer immense scope to affect the lives of Canadians. 

If you have experienced termination or workplace harassment contact Cambria Law who are well versed in the concerned laws to help you understand your situation and available options.

Take matters into your own hands and not fully rely on your employer to act honestly and in good faith in your employment relationship. Whether you need support on discipline, dismissals, labor law, employment contracts, labour relations and regulatory compliance, the professional team at Cambria Law is here for you.


Employment Rights



If your employer fails to give you notice or pay an adequate severance, you may have a wrongful dismissal claim. Your employer will want you to sign away your rights but DON'T SIGN anything without talking to our team.



Many situations can give rise to a constructive dismissal. 

Did your employer: 

  • Demote you?
  • Reduce your pay?
  • Change your job responsibilities?
  • Transfer you to a different location?



The last place in which individuals want to face bullying, harassment and discrimination is at work. When you are the target of such behaviour, you often don't know where to turn for help. 



Employers will most often provide employees with a severance package when they are terminated. Employees can accept packages without legal advice, but that can turn out to be a costly mistake because some employers offer a less than reasonable deal. 

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