The Willy Loman Of The US Senate - John McCain

Did anyone else have to read Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman when they we're a freshman in high school? I know we did and I saw McCain up on stage behind Sarah Palin and he reminded me of Willy Loman, the washed up, loser salesman and main character in the play. Willy is delusional and a failure as a salesman. He has told so many lies that nobody believes him and is scorned by his sons. Likewise, McCain is delusional when he believes the GOP should be remade in his image. He believes he is the "titular head of the Republican party". As far as conservatives are concerned, many of us are sick and tired of McCain trying to act like one of us and we see through his delusions not unlike Biff and Happy - Willy Loman's sons - saw through him for what he actually was; a delusional loser.

So the question should be asked, why is Sarah Palin campaigning for a guy that many believe is past his Senate prime and should go home? Oh, and why campaign for a guy that is only conservative when he needs votes in election years? I would say she's doing it out of a sense of owing McCain for getting her into the national spotlight. I'm sure she's not happy about doing it, but it's sort of like going back to your parents' house and your mom making that dish that you just hate, but you eat it anyway because you don't want to hurt her feelings. And it seems McCain needs her more than she needs him. According to Hayworth's website, Rasmussen has him just 7 points behind McCain which has to have McCain shaking in his Depends.

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Even if Palin feels obligated to McCain, why campaign for the guy anyway? A blogger at Redstate pointed out Palin's 3 best qualities:

1. Shes well connected on social media and is an articulate bomb thrower. See death panels.

2. Shes good at throwing red meat to the base and getting them focused. She also drives the enemy berserk.

3. She can raise money like nobodys business.

McCain is one of those Senators that cannot be trusted on any issue. He is too willing to reach across the aisle. Some call it compromising, but in McCain's case, it's called selling out. I for one still remember how McCain threw us conservatives under the bus in the 2000 Presidential Primary. I also seem to remember that he was pushing for the Dream Act II until it was defeated in Congress, which he then stated that he hears what the people we're saying and decided to distance himself from the amnesty issue. Instead, he has now sent his minion Lindsey Graham to do his dirty work on Dream Act III because McCain knows he needs the conservative base that would be against such a bill to vote for him.

I hope the voters in New Mexico say to McCain, "thanks for everything you've done both in the military and in the Senate, but it's time to come home" so we can get another conservative in the US Senate instead of the Willy Loman (John McCain) we have now.

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