Common Causes for Car Accidents Involving Teens

According to recent traffic safety reports, the incidence of accidents among new drivers is highest at age 16. Teenage drivers face a higher likelihood of traffic accidents than other age group because of the following common factors:

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  • Seatbelts . Unfortunately, one of the most basic rules of safe driving also seems to be the hardest for many teens to follow. The reason could be because it is, in fact, a rule. Many teens may not understand the importance of the seatbelt, while others may simply not wish to comply with the wishes of insistent parents. Whatever the motivation behind neglecting the seatbelt, data has shown that almost 67 percent of teenagers who lose their lives in car collisions we're not wearing a seatbelt at the time.
  • Distraction. Most teenage drivers are likely to own a cell phone, and according to a recent study, about 56 percent of those drivers will use their phone while driving. Teens could also be more careless about texting while driving, which requires not only taking ones eyes off the road, but also one or both hands. Besides phone use, the next most prevalent distraction for teen drivers are their passengers. Research proves that with each passenger added to the car of a teen driver, the higher likelihood of a fatal teen car accident.
  • Excitement . Teenagers are likely to see driving more as a fun experience than a practical necessity, and can sometimes be reluctant to follow the rules of the road. The newfound independence of a drivers license can lead teenagers to drive recklessly for the sake of showing off or having fun. Stressing the importance of teen driving safety is an important part of being the parent of a teen driver.
  • Alcohol. Many teen drivers get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol out of fear of calling their parents and explaining the situation. Due to misinformation about being able to sober up and an overconfidence common in young drivers, teens are especially vulnerable to drunk driving accidents. About one-fourth of all teen traffic accidents involve drinking and driving.
  • Impatience . Speeding is a trending habit among young drivers, and plays a role in almost a third of all fatal traffic accidents involving teenaged drivers. Whether late to class, trying to make curfew, or just being a daredevil, statistics show that many teenagers don't take the speed limit as seriously as they should.

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