Why You Should Take a Criminal Justice Degree

Any system of justice needs a number of highly educated specialists and reading a criminal justice degree is a sound starting point for a legal career. Wherever you live in the world there will be some form of judicial administration and whatever the nature of it, it will still require it's quota of professionally educated elite and administrators. While there are numerous disciplines within the overall framework of the law which can be attacked by direct entry, there are others that require some form of legal education before you can enter upon it's career path. A criminal justice degree does not only teach it's students the rudiments of the administration of criminal justice but it also teaches them to think, arguably even more important that the former! So youwill want to find universities that offer legal degrees.

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Within the faculty there will be areas in which it is possible to specialize. Typically there will be subjects common to all students and a balance of subjects which arise from personal choice. It will depend upon individual career plans what subjects are chosen to fit the student better for the years ahead. In the 21st century the types of crime are growing constantly. Physical crimes against the person are now supplemented by cyber crimes, the theft of identity and even thought crimes. Law is a minefield where the obvious is no longer a yardstick, but lawyers are sucked into trying to interpret what is going on in the head of a defendant to determine whether a crime has been committed against the welfare of another. The widespread taking of faux offense, actively encouraged by the 'holier than thou' media, has opened up a gravy train for lawyers! It is worth having a criminal justice degree as this will qualify a student to jump on that train in due course.

In essence there are two ends to the application of the law. At the front end are the day to day law enforcers - the police, the marshals and the sheriffs. At the other end are those who apply the law to it's detractors and miscreants - the judges and magistrates, the court system and the prison and probation services. Laterally there are many associated professions, skills and employment groups which feed into the process which ensures citizens can live in peace in a generally law abiding environment. What the reader must do, assuming that the desire to take a criminal justice degree is the main focus of enquiry, is decide just where he or she wants to fit into this process. You can see more about legal jobs and careers on other pages within this site.

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