Federal Torture and Other Political Items

Government torture of Al Qaeda suspects was bad policy yet the Bush II administration and A.G. Gonzalez felt that it was necessary. Federal sadism is an abuse of power in an era when abuse of power with nominal excuses seems to be the rule instead of the exception. A politician or chief executive needs plausible blamability of someone else for effective implementation.

While Al Qaeda did tremendous damage to New York and Arlington Va on 9-11 so did Clinton era economic policies that let Wall Street establish flam as the norm. President Bush II doubling down on his own enrich Halliburton method of ops with no-bid contracts in a 3 trillion dollar war didn't no that his own method of spending his political capital would enfilade President Clinton's hidden method of transferring wealth to the rich already in effect nor the effect it would have of bringing a financial crash to Wall Street. President Obama hasn't really changed much to correct that. Instead he has developed a new upgrade of abusing executive power in serialized neo-imperialism though he did take over the Colbert Report recently to the relief of the unemployed.

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Torture is bad policy that wasn't necessary to elicit information leading to old man Oz hidden near the Pakistan Military College. The U.S. Government has lots of bad policy like any other government though except Sweden. Sen. Feinstein assures us that democracy is open and so spilling government secrets must therefor be good for democracy, however Democracy may be more common in Africa than any other continent and it has had a debatably positive effect compared to some hypothetical better form of government yet to be invented.

Africa at least got rid of it's Kings and left the savage past behind unlike Europe with it's atavistic royals of Norway, Britain and elsewhere. It may be the higher neolithic genetic content, yet that could be a good thing too-it brought them out of being slavers quicker than some other places.

Bad policies of torture like bad public radio harms particular individuals whom haven't practical recourse. The legal system is already too expensive and doesn't correct very well. One might say that sadism is in it's blood.

There is good news on the religious front thoughpost-millennialism seems to indicate that the areas of the world positively influenced by the saved is likely to increase. One might be skeptical since the Nixon Corporate health care plan that is nearly a half-century old was laundered through the Romneys and President Obama then forced into law when the Democrat Party used the nuclear option. If one has learned anything from the past few years it is that more political silliness from a neo-corporatist government will not fix the problems with Mexico that send so many illegal migrants to the U.S.A. to compete with jobs with suffering Americans unemployed and dropped out of the work force so the government can put a happy-face unemployment statistic out when there are probably more working age Americans not working than are.

Mexico should have a European standard of living and then like Europeans it would not send many illegals here to the U.S.A. One must halt all illegal immigration with a salt-water moat to desalinate water then create a Marshall Plan for Mexico to bring full employment about. The people that like cheap labor however will never allow things to change. If Mexico no longer sent illegal workers north the cheap labor people would get them here from China or elsewhereand dirty wars that cost a lot will probably recur too.

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