Calling on Indiana Citizens!

Is your NIPSCO bill and the potential rate increase getting you down? Is the property tax increase making you want to move to another state?

There is something you can do. For the NIPSCO bill, you could voice your opinion to the regulatory commission. For property taxes, you can join the "Revolt at the State House"

Join the citizens of Indiana in a Revolt at the State House on March 25, 2009 at 11:30 am.

Never before does a citizen need to make a stand and voice his or her opinion.

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Why is this important?

Well, the legislators willingness to incorporate a two percent circuit breaker should be all the evidence needed to say that even the legislators knew the property tax reassessment and trending was unfair. However, if you still need more evidence, let's examine.

The homestead exemption went from 35,000 to 45,000 after a few citizens or should I say a whole organization like Greater Northwest Indiana Association of Realtors and citizens of Lake, Porter, Marion, and other counties complained at the state house.

Still need more evidence. Some cities and counties received demands to cut the fat out of their government i.e. get rid of Hummer (Gary) due to high tax rate. 2007 Gary's tax rate was 9.62. 2008 Gary's tax rate is 7.62. 2008 East Chicago's tax rate is 9.62.

I am willing to bet that the high tax rate coupled with NIPSCO's proposed electrical rate increase in some way contributed to the surge in unemployment rate in Northwest Indiana.

If accountability is important to you then stand with citizens of Indiana on March 25, and let legislators know "yes we can" have a lean government and still get all the services that every citizen pays his or her hard earned money for.

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