A Standard Civil Disagreement

In a discussion before the State Of The Union took place, I spoke these basic thoughts of what I find highly important and impactful of the Address other than just the very words spoken by the President.

As I always state, my words are simply for the em-betterment of myself philosophically, and more like a diary for myself that I don't mind sharing or if others share.

I do not write to persuade one's thinking, stance or beliefs, but simply to encourage his or her own inner strengths and thoughts solely for the em-betterment of themselves, as well as, the society around them.

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The State Of The Union Address is the only time a public glimpse is made available to the outside world into our procedures of a free democracy with civility, rationale, partisan and bi-partisan governorship.

I had hoped that our members and guest in the Chamber would display American civility, rationale and reserve in their behaviors during the address, so that other third world Countries, leaders, bodies of governments, and individual civilians outside of our sovereign land can see how Democracy works in a free society and Country.

Civil behaviors which impact those global civilians who keep hope and inspiration to one day to live free and civil with abundance of prosperity, choices and rights as a human being.

I'm happy to see that our Representatives did in fact conduct themselves appropriately without outbursts, anger or inappropriate language and gestures when in disagreement with the words of our President.

You see, many people in our free society forget that as leaders of the Free World, we are heavily watched by other Countries, terrorist and many suppressed people wanting our civil and peaceful lifestyle within their own country and society.

How we conduct our inside procedures publicly, is the example of highly sought desires around the globe, and humanity only increases to a higher, civil and more intelligent level when those mimic and instill our examples, especially when it comes to other governorships of less civility and even intelligence.

So with regards to the content of the speech itself the words are of course highly significant for the American People as a functioning, free society, but there lies within it a greater importance to all of humanity.

Even with our agreements and disagreements to the words and intentions offered by the President and Government, we as one functioning, civil and free society need these type addresses in order to conduct our normal lives without subconscious fear of collapse inside our own Country and Government.

In other words, these addresses are subconsciously desired by we the citizens because it drives us consciously to support, not support or vote upon issues that affect our fate as one society in day-to-day living.

However, we don't consciously realize that the overall procedures of this globally televised address called the, State Of The Union, carries much more weight and significance than just for our own personal benefits, agendas, beliefs and directions as a united Country.

It significantly bares the powerful impact of "influence". It is a heavy influence on others that are not free, not a Democracy and not civil. Most importantly, the State Of The Union Address influences those very souls who keep hope and inspiration for a free and civil humanity starting within their own lands.

So in conclusion of thought, how we display our inner, democratic procedures and the self behaviors conducted by the President, Congress, Senate, Judicial and Military representatives, along with distinguished guest, plays a much larger role than just an address of words to the American citizens regarding directions as a Nation.

It is a formal and civil procedure with agreeing and non agreeing members representing all of American Citizens who agree and disagree civilly and with order.

Most importantly though, it represents how all of Humanity should agree, disagree, encourage civilly and live as one, free, and civil race The human race.

Only one can hope that our examples through events like the State Of The Union will, in time, have an intelligent and civil impact to other lands, governorships and torn societies.

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