Severance Package Reviews

When is an employee entitled to a severance package?

Employees are entitled to severance packages from their employer if:

  • Dismisses or stops employing the employee, including where an employee is no longer employed due to the bankruptcy or insolvency of their employer;
  • “Constructively” dismisses (please refer to “constructive dismissal”) the employee and the employee resigns in response within a reasonable time;
  • Lays the employee off for 35 or more weeks in a period of 52 consecutive weeks;

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The estimates generated by this severance pay calculator are not to be considered legal advice and we provide no guarantee of its accuracy. Please consult with us directly to receive advice on your specific employment situation.

There are a variety of other factors which can increase, decrease or otherwise affect how much severance pay you are entitled to. Additionally, your employment contract may affect how much severance pay you are or are not entitled to. With that being said, give us a call and we will be happy to review your package and assess if you are entitled to more compensation.

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How is a severance package calculated?

There are four main factors that are used to determine a severance package.

  • How old is the employee
  • How long has the employee worked for?
  • What kind of job employee is doing?
  • How long will it take the employee to find a comparable job in regard to his/her qualifications, training and experience.

Each severance package can comprise of difference clauses.

Below are some additional questions that we can address in our free consultation.

  • Are you better off with a lump sum or salary and benefit continuance?
  • Should you be looking for new work, and what happens if you find it?
  • Are you entitled to bonuses, commissions, or other variable compensation during the notice period? And what about entitlements that accrued while you were still working?
  • Are you entitled to compensation for the manner in which you were dismissed?
  • What if you were harassed or discriminated against? Can you seek damages for that too?
  • What if the company won’t negotiate? What if they withdraw their original offer?

If you have been terminated and have been provided a severance package, contact us today and we will review your package for free. There are no obligations, and we only get paid if we are able to get you additional money than what was originally offered.




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